The Supreme Court in Catalonia has decreed that swearing at your boss is not a stackable offence. The groundbreaking ruling follows a case in Barcelona where a man had taken his employer to court because he was fired from a gas installation company in Girona after calling his boss “loco” (crazy).

He apparently also swore at his employer calling him a “hijo de puta” (son of a bitch) the outburst was apparently result of non-payment of this monthly expenses by his employer. The incident occurred in January 2008 but has only just worked its way through the Spanish legal system.

The judge in the case, Sara Maria Pose Vidal, ruled that both expressions used by the employee were indeed legally an insult. But that this is no longer the 1950s and such expressions which were once deemed socially unacceptable have now come in to very common use especially when tempers become overheated.

The judge gave the unnamed employer two options either give the also unnamed employee his job back or alternatively pay him €6,500 in compensation.