It looks like the Spanish national football team will be going on safari to South Africa next summer as their win last night against Estonia which saw them dominate the three, nil victory in the group 5 match ensures them a place in the World Cup finals for 2010.

Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla and Cesc Fabregas sealed Spain’s World Cup place as they are now in full eight points ahead of Bosnia-Herzegovina currently in second position and who could only manage a draw against Turkey.

Spain are now eight wins in eight matches with just two games left before they book their flights south. Fabregas, also a midfielder at Arsenal, said that the team had received a great boost of confidence and feels that this is only the beginning of their challenge to bring home the cup in 2010.

The nearest the country has ever come to winning the World Cup was 60 years ago when they came in fourth position during the 1950 finals.