In just three short minutes yesterday the fishing vessel Cariño Hermanos Landrove (Honey Brothers Landrove) listed to one side and capsized on its way to fishing grounds approximately 16 miles to the north of Cedeira.

The body of the owner and captain of the vessel Andres Landrove Yanez was found shortly before 8AM. The 16 meter boat became the subject of a massive sea and air rescue operation from the emergency services and many other fishing vessels that were in the area at the time.

At around 4AM another fishing vessel Mercedes Number Three managed to rescue six of the crew, five Spaniards and one Russian from their liferaft. Only one of the crew was hospitalised with an injury to his foot.

Ironically the body of the captain was discovered by another fishing vessel that he also owned and they passed it on to the rescue services when they arrived on the scene.

The boat itself was less than a-year-old and was said to be in perfect mechanical order and at this time there seems to be no plausible reason for the sudden capsizing of the boat.