According to reports from the Spanish health Minister there will be immediate trials of a new swine flu vaccine to see if it can be effective. The trial will involve inoculating 400 children.

Minister Trinidad Jimenez made the announcement on Tuesday that the Spanish health authorities would be cooperating with the vaccine developers GlaxoSmithKline PLC to conduct trials on the efficiency, or not, of the vaccine.

Those to be inoculated will be aged from a maximum of 17 years old down to as young as just six months. This is just part of a widespread plan by the drug company that intends to oversee 14 to 16w trials of the vaccine not only across Europe but also in North America with as many as 9,000 people involved.

In return Glaxo will share all the information they gather with the different nations health regulators so that they will hopefully be able to make a rapid decision on the possible licensing of the swine flu vaccine.

Although there have only been 25 deaths swine flu in Spain it has spread more widely in the country than other parts of Europe, so much so that the Spanish health ministry has actually stopped keeping track of how many people become infected.