The mayor of Barcelona has come under attack from Prime Minister Zapatero regarding the state of street side prostitution apparently running rife across this highly popular international tourism destination.

Zapatero told the city to clean up its act with regard to prostitution, in particular, along Las Ramblas Boulevard known the world over as the place to spend the evening strolling and people watching.

Unfortunately it has also become a popular destination for working girls who also stroll the tourist attraction looking for business. Other popular spots for locals, tourists and now hookers include Boquería market.

The Spanish media have been waging something of a campaign over the last couple of weeks highlighting prostitution in the city complete with photos which the Prime Minister considers to have tarnished the image of the city and Spain as a whole.

Las Ramblas has apparently always been a popular haunt for prostitutes, and as perhaps even be seen as part of its local colour. But a huge influx of Eastern European and African prostitutes has turned the situation into one that the Prime Minister considers to be out of control.