Venezuela’s, never subtle, and always controversial, President Hugo Chávez is set to meet with meet with Primer Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero this Friday September 11 in Madrid.

The meeting is said to be at the direct request of Chávez and will be tacked on to the end of an extensive world tour which has seen him visit Asia. the Middle East, Africa and other European nations.

It is no coincidence that at the moment Spain holds the presidency of the European Union and that talks are expected to revolve around Latin America and European relations and strengthening ties between the two continents.

Other Latin American leaders have recently visited Spain including the president of Columbia who met with Spanish King Juan Carlos three months ago. Chavez is currently extremely unhappy about a proposed Colombian deal to allow US troops to the stationed on its soil an act he considers to be aggressive and as even use the term a “declaration of war.”

It is hoped that Spain may be able to assist in calming this potentially highly volatile situation.