Although Israel is outraged, the El Mundo newspaper in Spain is defending its right and position to unveil an interview that was conducted with an author from Britain who claims the Holocaust never happened.

El Mundo NewspaperThe interview was conducted with David Irving who spent 13 months in an Austrian prison after being convicted in 2006 of denying the concentration camps existed. According to reports about the interview Irving denies the Nazis killed any Jews on purpose.

The interview with Irving is only one part of a six part series in which different WWII experts give their insights into the events surrounding the war, as a lead up to the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII.

Israeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz expressed outrage over the interview stating that the article goes against free speech and is an insult to those who suffered in the Holocaust as well as an insult to the other notable people who will be interviewed as part of the series.