Newcastle’s not so serious loss may be Santander’s not too effective gain as Spanish soccer “star” Xisco makes a rapid on loan return to his native land at the Racing Santander ground.

Although “the Toon” had great hopes for the promising 23 year old it seems that the initial fanfare quickly died down to a quiet hum as the club decided that Xisco would be better off back in the sunshine rather than hanging around Tyneside.

The 23 year old who had shone as an under 21 international squad member in Spain just failed to pull it together in England. He did not even get into double figures for appearances for Newcastle and managed to hit the back of the net only once in a season that can only be deemed a disaster for the young player.

He was even the subject of protests from disgruntled fans who wanted him to leave the club; this was all mixed with the problems surrounding Keegan’s sudden departure from the club making it almost impossible for Xisco to stay.