Frank Evans, (67) a butcher with knee and heart problems, made a stunning comeback as a top matador in Spain by slaying two bulls with some assistance from the picadors.

British pensioner bullfighter back in the ring  Evans is known as ‘El Ingles’ to the Spanish who began bullfighting back in 1966 in the Southern areas of France. It was not until 1991 however that he was able to fulfil his goal of being a recognized bullfighter when he took to “alternative” fighting which requires matadors to fight bulls that weigh as much as 500kg.

Despite a quadruple bypass and injuries from his youth playing rugby, Evans said that he feels great and that the run in the ring went better than expected.  Now that he has gotten back in the ring he claims that he is not ready to step back down again.

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According to Evans, the reason he continues to jump in the ring is the thrill of the moment and the adrenalin rush that comes from facing a bull.