The Spanish government announced Friday, an exceptional credit of 333 million euros destined to combat the H1N1 flu virus. The swine flu virus has caued 20 deaths in Spain.

Spain destines 333 million euros to combat H1N1The 333 million euros are expected to be spent as follows: Around 270 million euros for vaccines, 50 million euros for antiviral treatment, one million for other complimentary treatments and 12 million for communication campaigns aimed at informing the public.

Spain, which is the second worse affected country in Europe, behind Britain, expects to vaccinate around 40% of the population.

The World Health Organization is warning of a second wave of H1N1 flu, commonly known as swine flu. The health organization, based in Switzerland is advising countries in the Northern Hemisphere to prepare for a second wave of pandemic.

Swine flu death toll rises to 20 in Spain

On Monday 26th, a person from Madrid died after contracting the virus. On Wednesday the first death was registered in Castilla y Leon, an 86 year-old woman. Three further deaths have been registered; a 32 year-old male from Tarragona who suffered from morbid obesity. A 33 year-old male from Vigo as well as an 85 year-old man who died in Sevilla on the 21st, but wasn’t confirmed to have had the A/H1N1 flus until this Thursday.

New cases of swine flu in Spain on the rise

The number of new cases of the swine flu H1N1 virus have been progressively increasing over the weeks, according to the latest figures published by the Ministry of Health. This week Spain registered 18,398 cases while last week saw 15,112 cases, and the previous week 15,013 cases were registered.

Image by 4yas under Creative Commons.