Wednesday brought with it an annual food fight in Bunol that had tens of thousands of people from Spain and the rest of the world covered in red pulp by the close of the day.

The big tomato fight in SpainEach year, over 40,000 people participate in the activity including visitors who come from the US, Britain, and Australia.  The food fight is officially called the “Tomatina” and this year marked the 64th year in a row that people have arrived to toss tomatoes at each other.

The town council handed out more than 100 tonnes of tomatoes that people dressed in their oldest clothes came out to toss.  In order to protect their stores, shop owners cove up their store fronts with plastic covers.

The town council paid about 28,000 euro to stage the event.

Bunol is found about 40km north of Valencia.  It is unclear how the tomato fight tradition got underway, but many people believe that it began from a food fight that began between children in the 1940s.

Image by 11795120@N06 under Creative Commons.