Spain’s interior minister has issued a warning that the Basque group ETA is dangerous even though there have been many arrests made.

Tuesday, French police found and recovered ammunition and explosives from a remote location in southern rural France in what was the 12th seizure since three suspected members of ETA were arrested.

ETA has claimed responsibility for bombings that occurred in Spain during the month of July including a car bomb that killed two Civil Guards and a Burgos bomb blast that injured over 40 people.

Alfredo Rebalcaba said that the country cannot underestimate the desire to kill held by ETA and its abilities to do so, but said that the country is determined to catch the group members and continue to arrest them.

In the raid on Tuesday, 800kg of explosive substances were found, one automatic rifle, 15 ready to use bombs, 244 detonators, and 18 pistols.

ETA has been blamed for approximately 820 deaths during its separatist revolt.