According to a recent study published by the Treasury a whopping 18.3 million Spaniards earn a gross monthly salary below 1,100 euros a month. The figure represents 63 per cent of the total Spanish workforce. The latest figures reveal a 5 per cent increase over the previous study which was carried out in 2006.

The study also revealed how 75 per cent of self-employed workers in Spain also earn a gross monthly salary of less than 1,100 euros a month, a total of 1.6 million businessmen and women and professionals.

The majority of “mileuristas” or 1000-euro-earners are located in Extremadura, with nearly three quarters of their workers (74.7%), followed by the Canaries (69.1%), Galicia (69%), Andalucia (69.9%), the region of Murcia (68.7%), and Castilla La Mancha (67.4%).

The recently published figures though, are from 2007 – a time when Spain was still not in recession and the unemployment figure was at historic lows of 7.95 per cent. The developments over the past two years, notably the financial crisis and the burst property bubble as well as the soaring unemployment to 18% allows one to predict a huge increase in today’s number of “mileuristas”.