A recently published report by Schellhammer Consulting, poses the question: “Spain’s future: A return to boom or a total collapse?”

The report opens with a reality check on today’s financial crisis affecting Spain:

“In 2009, fewer tourists came to Spain than the previous years. They spent less money, staid fewer days, and the general prices of hotels were reduced by 20-40%. The real estate marked has collapsed dramatically, especially in the holiday homes sector. The unemployment rate in Spain is disastrous; in reality over 5 million people without work, almost 5 million with only temporary contracts and 1 million families have no source of income at all.”

The report not only documents the facts that are well known about Spain’s economy but also interrelated facts about pollution, quality of life, and tourism; “a mere money machine with an estimated 65% of low quality.”

Schellhammer’s report also unveils long-term damaging effects that climate change and global warming will have on Spain and its tourism industry, warning of “the creeping end of beach tourism!”

“Climate change will reduce British tourism by 100% and German tourism by 40%… Within 20-35 years the sea level will increase by up to 50cm; thus 50% loss of beaches… Millions of tons of plastic debris, industrial chemicals, agricultural wastes, sewage sludge, petroleum wastes, etc., end up in the Mediterranean Sea every year. Multiply this by 10-20 years and draw the health consequences for fishes, sea food, and human beings (170 million tourists and 150 million residents around the Mediterranean)! That’s the creeping end of beach tourism!”

The full report can be downloaded here.