US movie star Renee Zellweger famed for her Bridget Jones Diary films has been spotted outside a Barcelona hotel with Bradley Cooper star of the highly successful summer release Hangover. She is slightly older than Bradley at 40, he being 34.

Bradley until recently was said to be the beau of another Hollywood heartthrob, the permanently cute Jennifer Aniston. Apparently the new couple were surprised to be recognised as they moved around Barcelona exploring the city’s sights with other, mere mortal, tourists.

Apparently as the couple left the hotel he is said to have patted her on the bottom and then they strolled off with his hand placed firmly in her rear jeans pocket. There have been rumours for some time stateside that the couple were an item.

All this is ahead of the couple making a movie called Case 39 together in the States later this year. The couple had for the last few weeks gone to amazing lengths in order to avoid being seen together, although one photographer did manage to snap them at an upscale New York eatery in July.

Perhaps they thought that the people of Barcelona and the hordes of foreign tourists would not recognise the smooching their out of their natural environment.