According to Spanish police reports a man who disappeared on a spear fishing trip in 2008 and was presumed dead, has been found after hiding out in South America. Businessman Jenaro Jiménez Hernández vanished leaving only one flip-flop behind while spearfishing in the Atlantic off Spain.

Throughout the last 12 months rumours have surfaced in his home city of Cadiz that he had in fact not died and had runaway in order to escape huge debt problems.

Well the local gossips were proved right when he was arrested for fraud when he landed at Madrid on a flight from São Paulo, Brazil and charged with fraud.

His wife is said to be in a state of shock at the news after having given birth to their child just a month after he disappeared. It is believed that he had been on the run in Paraguay for the last 16 months.

At the time a huge search and operation was mounted in order to try to locate the businessman who is said to owe over €120,000 and had numerous complaints filed with the authorities against him.