Recent data from the National Institute of Statistics showed that Spanish property sales in June dropped by 2% compared to June of 2008.

The decrease is especially noticed in the re-sale sector of the market where a 32% drop was recorded compared to the drop in new property purchases where the smaller drop of 18% was reported.

While the figures may show a drop in a year, they still represent a rise in the real estate sales market when compared to figures from May of this year.

In Spain, the average number of properties that sold in June was 93 out of every 100,000 citizens and with the municipal area of Murcia topping the list with 152 properties sold per person. Cantabria and La Rioja followed with 150 and 140 respectively.

A large 57% of all the property sales in Spain occurred in four regions alone: Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucia, Catalunya, and Madrid.