The Spanish department responsible for road safety, the Traffic Authority, has decided it is time to make a stand over speeding motorists. Over the next fortnight they will be implementing increased measures to catch speed merchants who will not stick to the prescribed limits.

Mobile speed trapsAccording to official government figures speeding is high on the list of causes of all traffic accidents in Spain, most notably on the secondary roads. The authority carried out a study that found that cutting the average speed by only 5% will see a 10% reduction in road fatalities.

Across the nation there will be a 100% increase in speed traps involving more than 2000 sections of roads country wide. This will mean that over one and a half million vehicles will be “clocked” in only 14 days.

Over 260 movable monitoring devices will be utilized, there will also be some additional fixed radar speed traps brought online for the first time. Each year nearly 2200 people die in secondary road accidents, more than 25% of those deaths involved speeding drivers.

Image by mujitra under Creative Commons.