The Basque ETA terrorists who are believed to be behind the Mallorca weekend bomb blasts are said by Spanish authorities to be run by three female terrorists.

Iratxe Yanez Ortiz de Barron and Itziar Moreno MartinezNot only are the leader’s women but they are also stating that they are making use of “young girls” to actually deliver the devices to their detonation points.

The police say they have six suspects that they are searching for, they named two of them as Iratxe Yanez Ortiz de Barron and Itziar Moreno Martinez, and they say that the same gang is responsible for the deaths of two Civil Guards two weeks ago on the island.

This is not a new tactic by ETA who has a long history of using female operatives, but this represents a major upturn in the level of involvement by female Basque terrorists.

These bombing are believed to be a response to the apparent cooling of political support for the Basque cause. It is unclear why the sudden shift in hardcore activity by women has taken place within the organization.