Those on a holiday in Spain hoping to get away from safety and health regulations on the beach may not get the holiday from rules they were hoping for as Spanish authorities are calling for better enforcement of regulations and new bylaws.

No more sex on the beach for holidaymakersSome of the new areas that will be enforced include music that is played too loudly, public consumption of alcohol, and amazingly enough, no more sex on the beach unless you are ordering one at the bar.

In fact, the resort of Benidorm in Spain will fine anyone caught having sex on the beach the hefty sum of 750 Euros.  To help reduce these occurrences and other rule violations the resort will close the beach area down between midnight and 7 am.

Additionally fines that can be handed out at 300 Euros include violations such as playing a sport outside of the area zoned for sporting, allowing your pet to come to the beach, and using a sunshade at the wrong time of day.

Image by danflo under Creative Commons.