A 35 year-old female died on Monday, as a consequence of the swine flu virus, A/H1N1. The female was the eight mortal victim of the swine flu virus in Spain, the first in Catalonia.

The Ministry of Health informed of the death, citing respiratory complication related to the swine flu virus. The Lloret de Mar resident, was admitted to the Hospital Josep Trueta in Girona on August 2nd. The patient had a variety of cronic illnesses previous to becoming infected with the virus.

Eigth swine flu deaths in Spain

The first swine flu victim in Spain, was a Morroccan woman called Dalilah, which died June 30th after undergoing a emergency caesarean at the Gregorio Marañon Hospital in Madrid.

The second death came on July 9th, when a 41 year-old died in the Hospital Clinico de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrin.

The third swine flu death was a nigerian woman, aged 33, who died in the Son Llatzer de Palma de Mallorca Hospital as a result of complications experienced due to the new flu virus.

The fourth victim was a 71 year-old who died in the Hospital Universitario de la Paz in Madrid,.

The fifth victim was a 45 year-old male, which died in Teulada, in the province of Alicante on July 20th.

The sixth death caused by the swine flu virus was a 53 year old man, who was admitted to Hospital de la Riber in Alzira, Valencia.

The seventh victim, was a 34 year old male, who died on July 29th at the Hospital General de Villarrobledo in Albacete.

Swine flu vaccines in Autumn

The Ministry of Health has informed the public, that from Autumn onwards there will be vaccines against the A/H1N1 virus for 40 per cent of the population, with preference to be given to health workers, pregnant women and those younger than 14 years-old.