Pamplona’s yearly San Fermin festival resulted in numerous tragedies. The Spanish festival held in northern Spain left 1 dead, eleven injured, of which 5 gored, according to officials.

On Friday, a 27-year old Spaniard was gored to death during the morning’s running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival. Daniel Jimeno Romero, originally from Madrid was gored in the lung. Jimeno Romero died in Navarra’s hospital after emergency surgery.

The young Spaniard became the first person killed since 2003, when a 63-year old Spaniard was trampled by a bull and later died after two and a half months in a coma.

The festival has registered a total of 15 fatalities since records began to be kept in 1911.

The Pamplona festival which attracts hundreds of young foreigners every year, mostly American and British, began on the 6th July and is set to conclude on Tuesday.