The new Vueling will officially take off on July 9th, after merging with rival airline Clickair. The merger took over a year and a half to complete and will result in a low-cost airline majority owned by Spain’s Iberia.

ClickairThe two airlines will begin operating as one on July 9th giving passengers the feel of one airline, except for the minor detail of the planes appearance, Clickair planes will continue showing off the Clickair design until Autumn.

The new Vueling will fly a fleet of 35 Airbus 320s, 17 originally from Vueling and 18 from Clickair. According to Clickair CEO Alex Cruz, the capacity will remain after the merger, nothing that both Clickair and Vueling reduced their fleets by a total of 15 aircraft in the past twelve months due to falling passenger demand and tough competition.

VuelingThe new Vueling will carry more than 11 million passengers a year to around 50 destinations. The new Vueling will take on Irisih carrier Ryanair which in June alone flew more passengers than the new Vueling will fly in half a year. The future looks like it will be tough for the new low-cost airline.

The president of the new Vueling will continue being Josep Pique. The company forecasts a first year revenue of 800 million euros. Iberia will own 45% of the new Vueling.