Billionaire US talk show host Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 55th birthday in Barcelona’s Poble Espanyol tourist attraction together with 1700 guests consisting of friends, family and employees on Sunday.

Oprah celebrates birthday in Barcelona with 1700 guestsBarcelona’s La Vanguardia reported that the celebrity and her 1700 guests would be spending 3 days in the city before embarking on a 10-day luxury cruise along the Mediterranean.

The 10-day cruise in the Norwegian Gem, is set to cost around $750,000 – or around $5,000 per guest.

The ship has 11 bars and lounges, 12 restaurants, pool, hot tubs, a beauty salon, spa, casino, cigar club, library and even a bowling alley.

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The Poble Espanyol is an outdoor open-air architectural museum located on the mountain of Montjuïc in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Poble EspanyolThe aim was to give an idea of what might be an “ideal model” of a Spanish village containing the main characteristics of all towns and villages in the peninsula. For this reason, 117 buildings, streets and squares were reproduced to scale. Pieces were selected taking into account criteria of aesthetic fit that could help create a harmonious overall composition in accordance with the “village” design that had been conceived.

Images by nostri-imago and bjaglin under Creative Commons.