The Spanish airports in AENA’s network, registered over 16.3 million passengers in May 2009. Over 196,000 flights and around 42,000 tonnes of goods. The current decelaration in the industry reflects the impact of the global economic crisis which has hit the travel and tourism industry very hard.

Barcelona AENA airportPassengers – 11.9%
Operations – 8.2%
Mercancías – 20.5%

Some of the worst hit airports in Spain, include Lanzarote (-24.5%), Valencia (-20.9%), Almeria (-28.7%), Vitoria (-36.9%).

The number of passengers flying through Barcelona’s airport in May dropped slightly above average by -13.7% to 2,389,081 passengers, whereas Malaga, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca airports all saw their number of passengers drop by around 10% respectively.

Image by reservasdecoches under Creative Commons.