This year’s Lanzarote Ironman, hosted in Puerto del Carmen on Saturday, went very much to form, as Bert Jammaer from Belgium and Bella Bayliss from Scotland, repeated their 2008 victories, both by substantial margins from the rest of the field.Bella Bayliss200

Thousands turned out to line the streets in Puerto del Carmen for the afternoon marathon event, that took place along a 5.25 kilometre stretch of the promenade road in the town. Each athlete had to complete four laps for the total of 42 km, and this after first completing a 180 km circuit of the island that took the fastest athlete 5 hours. This in turn was preceded by a 3.8 km swimming event.

Both winners were towards the front from the start. Bella Bayliss admitted to being further back than she had expected to be in the bicycle stage, but recovered to run her fastest ever marathon in 3 hours, 4 minutes. Her total race time was 9 hours, 54 minutes, and she is only the sixth female triathlete to finish the course inside 10 hours.

Jammaer 200Bert Jammaer collapsed with exhaustion at the finish line, and had to be helped to the treatment tent by paramedics. The marathon was run in 25 degree Celsius heat.

Gregorio Morales, born in Lanzarote, was the local hero of the day, finishing in fourth place. Morales has competed successfully in the Lanzarote Ironman before, finishing 6th in 2007, and 5th in 2008. At the finish line he was greeted by his baby daughter.

By Miles Couchman of All Things Lanzarote. Miles Couchman is Editor of All Things Lanzarote a comprehensive guide on Lanzarote.