The total number of confirmed individuals infected with AH1N1 in Spain has risen to 95, as the total number under investigation drop by 10 to 30, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

Confirmed cases of swine flu in Spain

Andalucia 29

Aragon 1

Castilla-La Mancha 5

Catalonia 24

Valencia 28

Extremadura 1

Galicia 1

Madrid 4

Murcia 1

Pais Vasco 1

Total 95 cases of swine flu in Spain

The WHO has confirmed, Saturday, a surge in confirmed cases of swine flu, totalling 3,440 cases in 29 different countries, with 48 deaths from the infection.

The figures on Friday were at 2,500 in 25 countries. The latest countries to identify cases of swine flu include Japan and Australia.