The Spanish Health Ministry has raised the number of confirmed cases of Swine flu, also referred to as Influenza A H1N1, to 73 people on Tuesday.

Swine flu cases in Spain rise to 73The suspected cases of swin flu in Spain has come down a second consecutive day, with currently 56 patients suspected of being infected with the virus.

The latest twist comes as Russia and China ban all pork imports from Spain, even though experts have repeatedly stated that there is no risk of spreading the disease by consuming pork products. The Spanish minister of Environemnt, Elena Espinosa, has reacted to the ban, calling it “exaggerated and unjustified”, pointing to the recent report from the WHO which changed the name of the virus to avoid any confusion.

Spain’s outrage over the ban, has received support from the European Commission which asks Russia to “reconsider” the decision. The underlying economic effects are potentially devastating to Spain’s huge pig meat production. Spain sends approximately 80,000 tonnes of fresh pig meat as well as 10,000 elaborated products such as ham to Russia every year.

Image by sarihuella under Creative Commons.