On Monday the Spanish Ministry of Health announced 10 new cases of swine flu or AH1N1 raising the total number of confirmed cases in Spain to 54. Another 60 cases are currently under investigation.

More swine flu in Spain

Out of the total number of patients currently infected with swine flu, 11 patients are still hospitalizezed, according to the ministry, which also states that all confirmed cases show a light effect of the swine flu and a “favourable response to treatment”.

Confirmed swine flu cases in Spain

Andalucia 15 cases
Catalunya 14 cases
Valencia 13 cases
Castilla-La Mancha 4 cases
Madrid 4 cases
Aragon 1 case
Galicia 1 case
Murcia 1 case
Pais Vasco 1 case

The WHO has confirmed swine flu cases top 1000 in 20 countries around the globe. 26 of those have resulted in death. Ban Ki Mun assures everyone, that the WHO will not raise the alert level to 6 if the current evolution remains.