Telefonica, Spain’s biggest telephone operator has announced Tuesday that it will offer discounts of up to 50% to all its clients both for fixed lines as well as cell phones during a full year.

Telefonica to give discounts to the unemployedThe unprecedented move comes at a time where unemployment and crisis is affecting people throughout Spain. Telefonica will offer a 50% discount to those clients that have become unemployed with a maximum 20 euros discount both for cell phone lines and fixed lines.

Telefonica Spain’s president, Guillermo Ansaldo has indicared that the move is “atypical and exceptional” as well as that it won’t be repeated but that the company hopes to reach around 500,000 customers with this offer.

For customers to take advantage of this offer, Telefonica has enabled a specific website called On the site one can find all the details on the new promotion as well as the list of documents a client will need to send Telefonica, in order to take advantage of the discounts.