Clickair, the Spanish low fares airline leader, has added the payment platform PayPal to its options for paying for airline tickets on any of its European destinations. It enables companies and individuals to complete transactions in a completely secure manner with the most advanced anti-fraud systems available on the market.

With this new service, customers can finalise their purchase online using just their PayPal username (email address) and password. This provides extra privacy for transactions processed by clickair, removing the need for users to enter their credit card number. Payments can also be charged directly to a bank account or by using the balance available in the same PayPal account.

“We have taken yet another step towards offering our passengers more flexible and innovative payment solutions,” said Jaime Lloret, Marketing Director for clickair. “They now have various ways to pay taking into account their budget and any specific requirements. We want them to be able to book and purchase tickets in a way that is the most convenient for  them – whether via a  travel agency or through use of these new systems that provide increased online privacy.”

Clickair must have negotiated a deal with Paypal considering that PayPal’s regular commission rates are around 3-4% which without a doubt would be a heavy commission to offload onto the customer who orders through PayPal.