What will the future hold for Israeli-Spanish relations?

On Thursday, a Spanish judge announced the beginning of an investigation into seven current or former Israeli officials over a bombing in Gaza back in June 2002.

 The bombing killed a suspected Hamas commander, Salah Shehadeh as well as 14 other people, including 9 children and injuring 96.

Israeli officials have expressed their huge discontent with the investigation, claiming it is simply an act of propaganda.

The case was brought to the National Court by Palestinian relatives of some of the victims of the bombings. This is not the first time that the Spanish National Court takes on such a high-profile human rights case outside of Spain, having investigated former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as well as former military leaders of El Salvador.

The Spanish Judge, Fernando Andreu named the former defence minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer, the former defence chief-of-staff Moshe Ya’alon, the former air force chief Dan Halutz, and four others.

Image by anghara2 under Creative Commons.