Spain Q4 unemployment 13.9 pct, 9-yr high

Spain’s National Insitute of Statistics (INE) announced Friday morning the latest figures of unemployment.

The number of unemployed, increased by 609,100 people in respect to the previous trimester situating the unemlpoyment figure at 3,207,900. The unemployment rate has increased by 2,58 percent to 13,91%. In 2008, Spain saw 1,280,300 people lose their jobs.

Active working population

The total number of active workforce in Spain us at 23,064,700 as of the fourth trimester in 2008.

Sectors and areas worst affected

The worst hit sectors have been services with 210,700 jobs lost, construction with 143,400 jobs shed and industry with 80,200 as well as agriculture with 3,400 more unemployed.

The biggest increase in unemployment was registered in Catalonia (96,200 more unemployed compared to the previous trimester), Andalucia (85,600) and the Balearic Islands (39,700).

The number of homes where all its members are out of a job increases by 189,100. The fulle press release can be downloaded from INE’s website.

Image by daquellamanera under Creative Commons.