Recent studies by the IPCC, a UN agency, suggest that the climate change will affect drastically tourism throughout the Spanish mainland. The study suggests that if over the next 15 years the emission of greenhouse gases is not reduced, then climate change will affect Spain in such a manner, that the tourism industry will collapse. The study shows that Spain will lose 40% of its German tourists and up to 100% of its British tourists.

José Manuel Moreno, a Spanish biologist working for the agency, notes that this will not be the only consequence of climate change. The reason behind such extreme drops in tourists will be due to increases in temperatures in the UK and throughout the European Union, which will have a more moderate and warm climate. The temperatures in Spain on the other hand will increase between 3 and 5%, up to levels registered in the heat wave experienced in 2003, which left 40,000 people dead throughout Europe, 6,000 of those in Spain according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Now this is definitely food for thought. It goes without saying that an increase in sea levels will also jeopardize the value of any properties located on or close to the seafront. Perhaps this is why the government is now clamping down on illegal builds?