Sunday night was not only an opportunity for romantics to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day but also saw Torrevieja’s night-time Carnival Parade taking place, as rain caused a postponement from Saturday. Although a year of crisis and cut-backs may have taken a toil on some of the costume choices, over 2,000 spectators lined the route from Patricio Pérez along Ramón Gallud to Plaza de Maria Asunción to be entertained by one of Torrevieja’s fun parades.

Torrevieja Carnival

From babies in pushcarts to grandmothers and grandfathers, the different ‘schools’ strutted their stuff accompanied by their own music ‘van’, all cleverly timed and spaced so that the music needed seemed to change as the procession moved down the main street. Over a dozen ‘schools’ participated this year, dressing up as in such garb as Aliens, Salt Boats, Disney Characters, Barbie Dolls to Amazonian Woman; at least they looked like Amazonian Woman to me but no matter what, they looked great anyway! It was a fun night for all and the buzz was that the 1800 hrs start on the Sunday was as good as, if not better than, the 2200 hrs normal start time on the Saturday, as many of the younger ones enjoyed the early start and parking was much easier on a Sunday than a Saturday night.

Torrevieja Carnival

If you were one of the hundred thousand or so residents that missed Sunday’s event or has never seen a Torrevieja Carnival Parade, make sure you pencil it in for 2011. Remember that next month sees the start of the Easter Processions and although solemn in nature, thousands will be lining the streets of Torrevieja during the week to enjoy the spectacular floats, as they are carried through the streets of the city. It seems like Torrevieja has a fiesta or festival every month of the year, so make sure you are there to support your International Cofridia, Los Costaleros, this Easter. No Amazon Women dancing in the streets are expected but it’s still a magnificent spectacle to witness for yourself!

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